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Toronto Office
Client Relations

Kathy Zhang

Pauline Lam

NYC Office
Client Relations

Marc Blanchette

Montreal Office
Client Relations

Sergio Santangelo


Pamela Li

Engineering and Logistics

Kevin Ming


Our Client Relations team ensures that you are satisfied in every step of our supplier process. We will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. We will work closely with the Logistics team and Quality Control team to ensure that production is on schedule and according to specifications


Our Customs and Logistics team manages the shipping and border customs application process. Their responsibility is to ensure the products are qualified for importing and to establish the final fees and duties, if applicable, which are fully covered by Mainbridge. This team also co-ordinates the entire local and over-sea shipping process

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Our "On-Ground" Quality Control Team monitors production and inspection at the manufacturing firms in China. Once the products are delivered to our clients in Canada, if there is an issue with the quality of the products, then our "Local" Quality Control team will view the products manage next steps


Our Manufacturer Relations and Technical team works closely with our manufacturers in areas of pricing, engineering technical assistance, and relationship building. Our strong relationship with our manufacturers provides us with negotiation leverage to get competitive quotes and high quality services

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We save our clients on average 10-20% on their material cost

We have maintained great relationships with all of our Chinese manufacturers for the past decade. As such, we have bargaining power to allow us to negotiate the best quote for your products



We select high quality products from our network of dozens of established manufacturers from mainland China


We monitor the entire production, quality control, packaging, customs, and door-to-door shipping process to ensure product quality at every stage



The entire production and oversea shipping process takes 6-8 weeks depending on the product and quantity

For regular orders, we can keep inventory at the plant, which decreases shipping time to 3-4 weeks 

For express shipping, we use airfreight, which decreases the lead time to 4-6 weeks. Sample pieces take 1-2 weeks



We add value through our multiple complimentary services, such as:

  • engineering assistance

  • custom fabrication

  • industry analysis

  • innovation research

  • What products do you supply?
    Virtually anything and everything. We have a network of manufacturers in China, from which we will source and supply your required products. Our featured products include: sheet metal & coils, aluminum panels, aluminum extrusions, cloths & fabrics, standoffs, lights. These are the products that are currently popular for our clients.
  • What happens if I don't see the products I want on your website?
    We can supply any product. Please provide us with the product specifications and quantity, and we will provide you with a sample and quote to review.
  • How do I get a sample?
    We will provide you with a sample based on your product specifications. Likewise, we offer a complimentary introductory meetings to discuss your product requirements in detail.
  • Do you offer customization?
    Yes, we can customize your product with any special designs, dimensions and other specifications. Our Technical Team consists of engineers who will work closely with your designs and ensure production accuracy in accordance to your specifications.
  • Who pays for sample costs?
    Mainbridge covers the material, shipping, and all other associated costs for your samples. You don't pay anything for the samples.
  • What is your minimum quantity?
    Due to the fixed cost of oversea seacan shipping and production overhead cost, the higher the quantity you order, the lower the unit variable cost becomes. As a result, we recommend clients order at the wholesale bulk quantity to try to fit either a 20' or 40' sea-can.
  • What are your current material costs compared to industry?
    We have saved our clients 10-20% on their material cost (including shipping and all associated costs). We manage our processes and expenses very tightly, which enables us to save clients on as much material cost as possible. In addition to our abilities to save clients tens of thousands of dollars a year, we also offer multiple complimentary services to enhance our value to our clients.
  • What are the costs to your entire supplying and importing services?
    Our quote includes both material and shipping prices. This quote includes all associated cost for this order. There are no additional costs you have to pay outside of the quoted price.
  • Are there additional fees, costs, duties, taxes I need to pay"
    There are no additional associated fees, such as duties or taxes, that you have to pay outside of the quote we provided you. All those costs are covered by Mainbridge.
  • How do you ensure quality is good? What is your quality control process
    We take Quality Control very seriously. We have a rigorous process to ensure you receive the products you expected. Firstly, we have good manufacturers. They are well established, highly reputed, and have good management teams. These manufacturers respond quickly to order requests and changes. They also have a rigorous quality control process for before, during and after production. Secondly, we have our "On-Ground" Quality Control Team at the manufacturing plants to review the products for approval. Thirdly, we package the order with the most suitable material and methods. We also tailor packaging to requests for fragile products. The highly experienced shipping team loads the order carefully and secures the order in the sea-can very securely to prevent shifts during shipping. Fourthly, once the order arrives at your plant, our Client Relations team come to review products and discuss follow-up notes for future orders.
  • How can I protect my designs, technical drawings and customizations?"
    We enter into Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvent Agreement with all clients, which legally prohibits Mainbridge to provide clients' information (all designs, technical drawings and all private non-public information) to other entities outside the purpose of production for a requested order by the client.
  • What's your door-to-door delivery lead time?
    For a regular wholesale bulk order, the usual door-to-door delivery lead time is 6-8 weeks. It depends on the product, customization complexity, and quantity. Production is 2-4 weeks to produce. Oversea shipping is 2-3 weeks. Local shipping is 1 week. For sample pieces, the door-to-door delivery lead time is usually from 2-4 weeks.
  • What is the customs process like?
    Our Customs team will start the customs importing applications either before or concurrent to the supplying process. This allows for smooth importing process once the products arrive in Canada. Any additional fees, taxes, and duties are covered by Mainbridge.
  • What is your warranty?
    Our warranty for every product is based on industry standard.
  • Do you offer returns, refunds or exchanges?"
    Yes, after the delivery of every order, our Client Relations team comes to the client's plant to review the product quality, packaging, and all other related items and get feedback from the clients. If the products were damaged or produced not according to specifications, then our Local Quality Control team comes to the plant to review and organize all the "unsatisfactory" products to arrange for exchanges or refunds. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we work diligently to ensure you are completely satisfied with every order.


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