Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation

Water pump 2.5kw, 50HZ, with filter and relative accessories like ball valve, tee and angle etc.  

Main water pipe 20m  (could be adjusted as customer requirements )  

Main water pipe: Φ50mm PE material  

Inlet water pipe :Φ32mm PE material  

Distributive pipe: Φ32mm PE material  

Drip tape hole spacing is 30cm.  

One greenhouse has 5-8 columns drip tapes 

Spray Irrigation

Water pump: 2.5 kW, 50 Hz, with filter and relative accessories

Main water pipe: Φ50 mm PE material

Distributive pipe: Φ32 mm PE material

Main Water Pipe thickness: 0.3 mm

Working pressure: 0.5-1.2  

Bar Flow rate: 1-3 L/H  

One greenhouse has 3-5 columns sprayer pipe  

Spray nozzle spraying distance 1.5

Drip Irrigation.JPG
Spray Irrigation.JPG
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