Aluminum Plates & Coils

Product Type

- Aluminum Sheets, Coils, Foil, Strip

- Aluminum Embossed (Tread, Stucco)

- Colour Coated Aluminum 


- Anodized, Mirror, Honeycomb, Brush, Anti-Fingerprint

- Wooden, Stone, Marble

Metal Grade

- 1000 series (A1050, A1060, A1070, A1100)

- 3000 series (A3003, A3105, A3004)

- 5000 series (A5052, A5005, A5083, A5754)

- 6000 series (A6061, A6082, A6063)

- 8000 series (A8011)


Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, custom width

Length: Max. 10m

Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm 


- Can match any colour code

- PVDF (Fluorocarbon) paint from PPG, thickness 25-35μm

- PE (Polyester) paint, thickness 16μm


Flashings; Roofing; Interior Design; Signage; Billboards; Building Envelopes; Air Conditioning; Refrigerator; 

Specification Sheet

Alum Coils Image.JPG

Technical Specification of Aluminum Coated Coil

1.      Aluminum coil width: 200mm—1,590mm

2.      Aluminum material thickness: 0.08mm—1.2mm(+/-0.02mm)

3.      Outer diameter of aluminum coil: up to 1,200mm

4.      Aluminum coil weight: up to 3,000kg/coil

5.      The aluminum coated coil can be cut into sheets of any size

6.      Aluminum alloy: 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005,or others according to customers’ requirements

Options & Finishings

Colour (PVDF, PE)
Mirror Finish
Tread / Stucco
Wood, Marble, Stone
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Packaging & Transportation

Our packaging ensures the product is sealed airtight, and protected from rust or corrosion during transport

Step 1: Plastic      Step 2: Waterproof Fibre       Step 3: Sealing     Step 4: Tighten for Skid

Manufacturing Plant

ISO9001 and SGS Certification PDF copies available upon request

ISO9001 Certification                 SGS 

Quality Control

The following machines and equipment are used to inspect quality of products: 

- Coated Cup-Burst Tester

- Elastic Impact Tester

- Flattening Instrument

- Colourimeter

- Gloss Meter

- Thickness Tester

- Tensile Testing Machine

- Hardness Tester

- Salt Spray Tester

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