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Circulation Fan 

Size: 480*480*330mm

Net weight: 14.6kgs  

Gross weight: 16.3kgs  

Voltage: 110 V, 180 W, 50 HZ  

Rotated speed: 1400 RPM  

Air volume: 5300 m³/H  

Effective distance: 20-30 m 


Cooling Fan (Negative Pressure Fan) 
Frame Size: 1380*1380*400mm

Voltage: 380 V/220V,50 HZ 1.1 kw

- three phase/double phase/single phase

- customer have to confirm your local voltage  

Wind capacity: 44000 m²/h  

Blade size: 710 mm  

Blade speed: 440 r/min  

Motor speed: 1250 r/min  

Air quantity: 760 m³/min

Noise: <65 dB  

One greenhouse with 2 sets fans 

Cooling Pad (Evaporative Pad) 
Component: Inside pipe

Water pump 380V/220V

- three phase/double phase/single phase

- 2.2kw 50HZ

Electric control box, accessories, etc.  

Height/H: 1500 mm  

Width/W: 5000 mm  

Thickness: 100mm  

With aluminum frame  

Angle corrugation α(°): 45°  

Angle corrugation β(°): 45° 

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Cooling Pads.JPG
Circular Fans.JPG
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