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Educational Camps

Educational Camps is a division of Mainbridge Development Limited, which specializes in educational services, for international students who come from different countries. This division focuses on planning and organizing students to learn, participate in extracurricular activities, in-class studies, and personal participation experiences. All these combined experiences will enable students to fully stimulate their interests and problem solving skills, while improving their initiative taking & teamwork abilities. Moreover, these camps aim to promote their academic and leadership skill set in order to apply for the most competitive universities or institutes in the world.

Team Talk

Multi-fields study and experience in North American

  1. Aerospace Technology

  2. Aviation Technology

  3. Astronomy

  4. Natural Science

  5. Environmental Protection

  6. Healthy Lifestyle

  7. Arts and Culture in Canada

  8. Business Model


Opening period:

  • Winter (January to February)

  • Summer (July to August)

  • Personalized Customization


Age Range:

  • Grade 10-12

  • Grade 7-9

  • Kindergarten – Grade 6

  • Adult (post-secondary students)


Toll-Free: 1-888-946-2636

Tel: 416-702-2229


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